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Let’s drink up as BiQo taps palm wine.

Let’s drink up as BiQo taps palm wine.

The sweet refreshing taste of this locally brewed drink is one that we just can’t stop talking about.

Palm wine has consistently been present at very function that tradition is beautifully exhibited. Palm wine can simply not be praised enough.

The nature of the African drink led to a music genre being named after it. Palm wine music is almost certainly the mother of Highlife music as it influenced it with many things including the smooth rhythms and the local instruments. This genre had such greats as the ever revered Koo Nimo composing palm wine music tunes to great public delight.

This genre was lost on the Ghanaian music scene as the rap culture over took and almost wiped off the more traditional genres till now. Emerging artiste BiQo released a song titled Palm Wine Music to probably celebrate that genre.

But the song has done more than to just celebrate the genre. Sounding refreshing and good, BiQo brings back the feeling of good old days in the 4 minute song. Exemplifying the features and legendary attributes of palm-wine, the song does a lot to the soul. The song featured Ansah Live and Tano Jackson with production done by Liquidbeatz.

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